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Want to know what you’ve read on AO3?

Update: The site seems to not be working at the moment. We will update you about this situation when we got new information!

AO3 year in review allows you to check what you have read during the year (or any period of time you want) Are you brave enough to face the truth?

This web creates a summary of your reading habits from your AO3 history data. The web app will tell you the total number of words you have read this year, your most visited fics and tags among other things. It also gives you the option of downloading a spreadsheet with more detailed information.

You can get your AO3 summary here! Be sure to read the instructions to get the app to work.. It took me a couple of attempts to get the correct values.

At the moment everyone and their mother is trying this web app so be patient! It is also important to know that you can’t retrieve more than 200 pages of history at a time but you can try splitting your history into chunks!

What’s your most visited tag? Would you like to tell us your most popular ship this year?

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