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Top 5 Sports Anime For Fangirls

The 2020 (or 2021) Olympics are finally here and there’s no better way to celebrate this than not watching actual sports but binge some homoerotic sport anime, am I right? Here is my top 5 sports anime of all time! Hope you enjoy them!


5. Ookiku Furikabutte

Ookiku Furikabutte

This anime is about baseball, a sport I don’t understand and I don’t watch but I really enjoyed the story about its characters. It is a cute anime about a guy finding his place in life and learning to love himself. It made me learns some of the basics of the sport and have fun.  it has its happy moments and I really like the animation style.



The sports anime juggernaut. After years of playing volleyball at school (it was compulsory by the way) the last thing I wanted to do was to watch a show about it. I was still bitter about some twisted sprained, my subpar skills and the stupid fights among my team meates but Haikyuu! manege to make volleyball life interesting. You don’t have to be interested in the sport to get hook on this anime. It does a good show in shoeing realistic team dynamics and how relationships develop over time.




free swimming anime

Also known as the swimming anime, free is beautifully animated and it features gorgeous characters in swimsuits if you are into that kind of stuff. It definitely makes you want to go swimming. I won’t dive (HA! Pun intended!) too deep into the plot to avoid spoilers but I can tell you that it’s is a very entertaining drama that gets you hooked from the start. It focuses especially on the character’s relationships with one another and the pains of growing up and having to make life-defining desition for yourself.



2.Prince Of Tennis

prince of tennis

This anime has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first shows that made me ship its characters and I was obsessed with it throughout my teenage years. Yes, it’s old but it’s definitely gold. The anime is centred on Ryoma a tennis genius that joining his school tennis club with hopes of defeating his father that was a former tennis star himself. In his way, he meets other talented players that rival his abilities and makes new unlikely friends. The sport¡s rules are explained perfectly and at the end of every episode, you want to grab a racket at go play with some friends! If you are a fangirl you are going to love this anime because there are many ships and fanfics out there! The perks of being an old fandom.



1.Yuri On Ice

yuri on ice

Everyone and their mother have watched Yuri on ice! and if you didn’t you certainly should. It has conquered the first spot on our list because it has a canonical gay couple! This anime tells the story of Yuri a talented Japanese skater that is in a rough moment in his career and his soon to be couch the Russian skating superstar Viktor,  Te animation it’s a bit dodgy at a certain moment and the music score is not the best (except for the opening and Yuri’s Eros) but as a figure skating fan, I can tell you this anime is pretty accurate. Especially in the ways, it portraits skating fans and the great lengths we go to be able to watch the competitions. I really like the way this show chose to explain the rules of the sport easily and entertainingly. The story is simple but it has a plot twist that makes this sports anime unforgettable. It aired in 2016 but I still think the plot twist is amazingly delivered.

Have you seen these animes? Which is your favourite ship?

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