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Supernatural Episode 19: Deus Ex Machina at it best

Supernatural 15×19 can be considered the end of the season according to cast members. Since the 15×20 would be a series closure or an epilogue I can say without hesitation that episode 19 was the most disastrous and bland ending of the entire series, which fits quite well with what had been a filler season. Talking to other fans we realise that we don’t remember even half of what happened during season 15!

The bad

This season could have easily consisted of ten episodes and thus we would have been saved from the awful character development (or lack of it)  and the bad storylines. I don’t want to sound like a hater because I love this show with all my heart and I would continue to recommend it because, despite all the bad things it has, it also has good things, but its last season is not one of them and this ending is a clear example.

Last Thursday’s episode magically solved the conflict of the whole season, that’s where the Deus Ex Machina comes in. What does this mean? It is a term that is used in literature when, broadly speaking, authors take something out of their sleeve that has nothing to do with anything but helps them take the plot where they want. This is what the show’s scriptwriters did with the whole Jack business and his sudden gift of absorbing powers, which could have made sense if they wore it differently. It was so abrupt and out of nowhere that it felt wrong despite that, we’ve always known that he would be the one to defeat God.

I think what the season got wrong was not the ideas themselves but the poor execution of them. Elements such as the end of the world, bringing characters from the death, the plot twist of having the most adored being on the planet as a villain, all of this was an incredible risky premise and was poorly executed. Unfortunately, a large part of the fans can agree that we consider this last season one of the worst in Supernatural’s long run and although we could debate about his for ages I think because it was the last season they should have strove to give us something really good to close this journey of fifteen long years.

Focusing on the episode I can say that my expectations were low as they were all season but I somehow still managed to be disappointed. The flashback that explained how with the help of this new power acquired from Jack an episode ago they had come up with a plan in five minutes to defeat God as if it was something brilliant made me laugh.  I laughed because it was silly that they wanted us to believe that we were supposed to be amazed by that.


The good

I think Chuck was a great villain for letting Dean believe that he could have this dog only to take him from him minutes later and destroy his hope * chef kiss * and … that’s the only thing I liked about this episode. Michael/Lucifer’s return seemed useless and didn’t add anything to the plot.


The ugly

I wanted a happy ending for the Winchesters and them kind of got it but there’s time for something else to happen because we still have the epilogue left.  I hope that they answer the five hundred questions the season left unanswered, or at least the most important one:  Why didn’t Jack bring Castiel back since he was like a father to him? That didn’t make sense but I’ve never expected that much from this show.

The actors and the staff keep saying that the show is about two brothers, and it indeed started like that, but this statement annoys me greatly because I don’t think that only with the Winchester Supernatural would have managed to survive for so long.  Crowley made a big contribution to the show, Castiel is considered the fan favourite, Rowena and Charlie were great too. The show isn’t just about two brothers, and it is not cool for them to continue to say that. Sam and Dean have a sick co-dependent relationship and a good ending would have put an end to that cycle. See them moving away little by little to build their own life would have been perfect. The episode’s ending implied that they only need each other and that does not seem healthy to me.

I didn’t like the way it ended, nor did I expect it to. I’ll wait for the epilogue that most of the fans think they would also dislike. I don’t think the series finale is going to be good but I’m used to it by now so I’ll tune in on Thursday to watch it anyways. Wish me luck!

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