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Supernatural 15×20 review: THE BAD, THE BAD AND THE BAD

The last remanent of the golden age of fandom ended and it was so underwhelming it was kind of hilarious in a sad way. Supernatural’s series finale will surly get meme status as it happened with season 4 of Sherlock. The last episode had a little bit of everything wrong about the series: Misogyny, queerbaiting, shitty make-up and costumes and a huge lack of understating of its own fanbase. This is an honest review of Supernatural’s series finale. Carry On sweetie, I’m so sorry.

The bad, the bad and the bad

If you liked Supernatural’s last episode I’m sure that you haven’t seen it. Nobody who has followed this series and has the slightest affection for it should have liked this episode because it was a mockery.
We decided to a watch-party with the fandom to watch the last episode together, we thought we were going to need the emotional support because a series that has been in our lives for so many years was going to end, the thing was that we ended up laughing, yes, everyone laughed at how bad it was.

Let’s start with something that could have been good, and could have been a narrative thread along with the episode: Dean Winchester going to a cake eating contest. You will say that it is irrelevant but he implied that he wanted to be happy for all those who sacrificed for him, we could have started from there, we could say that the sacrifice that Castiel had made had this great impact on Dean’s life and to see this character seek help and try to improve his mental health after so many years ignoring his problems would have been a great choice but of course we didn’t get that.

It’s the tetanus ridden nail for me

Dean Winchester ended up dead ten minutes later during a hunt after when a vampire pushed him against a wall and some kind of rusty nail was impaled in his back, and he could have accepted that death because they are part of the job, we have always known that this was a possibility. Was it a stupid death? Perhaps, but it had its logic. The could have been trying to leave us some kind of message such as “the life of a hunter is like that, without God and with free will they were exposed to this”  We will give then the benefit of the doubt on that, but why did it take him so long to die? In that time an ambulance could have come, he could have been admitted to a hospital and being saved, but no, he kept giving a boring and strange speech to Sam. This had to been said, let’s not play dumb, that scene was a bit of fan service for the Wincests (People who ship Sam and Dean, romantically.) The writers knew what they were aiming for, with the knowledge that part of the fandom ships the brothers the scene made us uncomfortable and tainted Dean death even more. He also did not have a decent funeral, and I know that it is said that they couldn’t pull a full-on funeral due to COVID-19 but they were able to put these five or six vampires in a barn for a fight that only served to kill a beloved character. Why not bring  Bobby, Jody or Charlie also to honour him? Excuses, excuses with no logic to them.

It’s the traditional family having a happy ending for me

Sam on the other hand got to live, he got married, had children, lived his normal life as he always wanted.
Now, let’s go over all this information: Sam living a normal life and Dean dying in a hunt isn’t this the same as it would have happened if in the first season John had not disappeared and Sam and Dean kept on living separate lives Yes, it is. So everything always led to that, these 15 years were nothing more than a joke.
The Winchesters started alone and ended alone, although along the way they have met thousands of people who would give their lives for them, who love them and consider them family, although the motto for years of the series was “Family Don’t End with Blood” This ending basically implied that it is the only blood that matters and you have to be a 100% Winchester because being a half brother would no work for you either. Again all this happened after they profited from the fact that we are all one family and naming the fandom SPN Family.

It is the misogyny for me

Well… is Sam at least getting married to Eileen, a plot they dragged all season? No, we do not know the woman he married because they never showed her face but this not so strange since women never mattered much in this show. He has a son, he gets old and he dies, all in a short montage. It was so loud budget that it ended it up being funny.

All cars go to heaven

So Dean got to go to heaven and met Bobby. Jack changed the rules and Cas helped because he apparently got out of turbo hell. They threw some crumbs to the fandom that supported them for 15 long years. They now all live in the same heavenly neighbourhood, how cute, John, his Dad who was abusive and they never really acknowledge that, just a few blocks away.  Yes! how nice! That’s Dean’s heaven and the first thing he does is it? No, not visiting his mother for whom he cried and for whom he was a massive asshole to his best friend for half a season. No. He went to his car and started driving and since the time works differently up there he ends up meeting Sam. All predictable. All cliche. All badly done.

I have nothing good to say about the episode. It was a bad ending, and I do not understand how that script went through so many people and no one told them: ‘This is trash’ ” It was disrespectful for the characters, and for the actors who 15 years of their lives to the show. They destroyed 15 years of character development only to go back to the beginning. This is definitely an episode that should have not existed, they could have easily added about ten minutes to the previous episode if they were so set on disappointing the fans.

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