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Twitter: @onedregree             


She’s from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She enjoys baking and loves MDZS, TGCF and FGEP. She’s also into k-pop. Her favourite groups are Exo, NCT, Shinee, TVXQ, H.O.T., Twice and Girls Generation.



Athena Crikey


A pretty ordinary Canadian who has been ficcing for far longer than is good for her. Her loves in fic are thoughtful characterization, evocative prose, and plenty of h/c. Her loves IRL are cats. She does not currently have any public social media accounts but you can find her fics on AO3.

Pilar Estevan

Twitter: @Pily_chii


She’s 21 and has been part of fandoms since she was 13. Pilar has been in too many fandoms, writing fics and posting them on and then on AO3. She’s also translated from English to Spanish and Portuguese to Spanish for the sake of good fanfics. She’s currently studying Psychology in the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. I’m also part of writing groups on Twitter, like the AUHA group. You can find her on AO3 and on her stan Twitter account. 


Twitter: @maybenothatsane


24-year-old from Argentina. She’s called So or Sau (As in Sauron from LoTR) by her friends. Philosophy student, photographer and writer. She loves listening to music, reading and analogue photography. She’s a Potterhead, army, swifter and clique. Watching anime is her hobby.



Sol Sorondale

Twitter: @speakIou


Sol is a fantasy enthusiast and loves everything that tells a good story, although she prefers series and books. She craves all the music that Taylor Swift can to give to her.  You can follow her on Instagram,  Twitter and  Youtube.




Libertad Averbuj

Twitter: @libechunchele


An unemployed Art student at the University of Buenos Aires and animated series fan.